Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Trouble with SandDisk II 1.0 GB SD cards

A few months ago I bought several SanDisk II 1.0 GB SD cards for my digital camera.

What's exciting about them is the cards can bend in half to expose a USB 2.0 port built directly into the cards.

It took a while to find the courage to bend the card in half - I was convinced I was going to destroy it. But it did bend in half as designed.

The bigger problem was that I couldn't plug it into any of my computer's USB 2 ports without unwiring the back of my computer or cutting part of the front's faceplate.

I then unfolded the card and plugged it into my SanDisk 8 in 1 card reader, which would not read the card. Apparently the card needs 500mA of power and my usb2.0 card reader was too old to provide that much juice.

$25 later into a brand new sanDisks 5 in 1 reader (that unfortunately doesn't read the old media cards for my other camera), I can now download pictures without ravaging the charge on my camera's battery.

Hope this helps to anyone looking at the Sand Disk Ultra cards.

Good luck.


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