Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Keeping positive amidst the market's turmoil & when to rebalance your portfolio?

The recent plunges in the market have knocked a good amount out of my networth. Probably about $8k, maybe as much as $12k when I factor in the insurance embedded investments (which I plan on liquidating).

I keep having to tell myself that I'm not trying to time the market. Market's go up and down, but more up over the long term and I should ignore it for now.

It's alot easier to say than to do.

I wonder how NYC Money is doing with her investments? She's been fairly active with her investments.

My Personal Finance Blog managed to rebalance his portfolio just before everything fell in and was in a cash position just before prices dropped. He's perfectly positioned to buy into the decline - but that's more luck than perfect timing, I think. For each well timed sell, how many others do we miss? Anyway, hats of to him for following the most important rule: don't lose money!

Here's an important question: how often should I rebalance my portfolio? I assume most of my retirement accounts are automatically rebalanced as they're in Schwab's Target 2040 life cycle mutual fund (SWERX). But my non-retirement accounts are primarily filled with ETFs that I've held since the beginning of the year.

Any advice?


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