Tuesday, May 02, 2006

$500 for new vision - enter the world of cataracts

We just learned one of our relatives has cataracts.

To eliminate the cataracts, his eye lens will be surgically removed and replaced with an artificial lens. We are told that almost everything will be covered by existing insurance, however, if we want premium eye lenses, which will provide superior night vision, we have to pay $500 out of pocket for each lens.

Now I know this relative has night vision problems and doesn't seem happy with his glasses, so the decision to move forward will likely occur.

Over the course of four weeks or so, he'll have two separate operations (one on each eye) and we'll have a net fee of $500 per eye, for a total of $1000.

I'm hoping he'll notice the results.

They say that in between operations, the patient notices the startling difference between the improved eye and the impaired eye. I hope he does.

Would you let insurance cover the costs and go with standard lens implants or pay a $1000 extra for the best and latest technology?

Have a wonderful Tuesday,


Anonymous said...

I'd buy the upgrades, in a heartbeat...

$1000 is nothing for better eyesight.

Adventures In Money Making said...

I spend 1k on and go to India where medical-tourism is taking off and get it done over there for next to nothing!

makingourway said...

pfblogger, i agree with you, I'd pay whatever was necessary.

However, he's decided the cateracts is not an issue at this time, so the expense will be accrued.

empty, what an interesting idea. I've just been reading about medical tourism to hungary and the czech republic, why not to India as well?

However, the service is covered by insurance, the $1k is for the lenses themselves - the special lenses. I wonder if they would be the same in India?

Thank you for the interesting idea.