Sunday, April 23, 2006

After the move: unpacking the islands

We've managed to unpack the majority of our possessions and even reduce our stored items by about 1/3, maybe a bit more.

Our greatest challenge is resolving the islands of boxes that remain along the center of each room. These are the boxes that contain things you can't decide what to do with.

They may be things you:
Don't know where to put
  • Don't have space to put
  • Are not sure if you still use
  • Don't want any more
  • Should go somewhere else
  • Are too stressed out to decide

Most of our remaining boxes are things we don't have obvious destinations for. Also, we're probably too stressed out with other matters to find the energy to decide what to do with them.

We've managed to clear out almost all the boxes in the living room - a hug accomplishment. The only remaining box has a stereo - which has no obvious home. It might end up leaving the living room and we'll settle for sirius radio when entertaining.

My office has almost 15 boxes. Some I just need to open and put away - such as the boxes containing my desk contents. Other boxes have old things that should really be donated, thrown out or put into storage. Some boxes have things that don't fit easily into book cases or file cabinets. They need to go into deep drawers. I've bought two stacking sets of drawers and will build them on Sunday. Examples of things that will go in them are:

  • office supplies
  • staplers (esp. the large kind)
  • hold punchers
  • CD-ROMs
  • blank media
  • etc...

Which reminds me. We a cabinet with shelves in our living room. I'm not sure how to do it, but if we converted them into deep shelves with strong rolling supports we could put drawers that could hold CD's and DVD's edge up. The kind of drawer hing that rolls the drawer all the way out, so you can see everything in the drawer. It would save alot of space. A stack of DVD's in a shelf blockes the view of anything behind it.

I went to the hardware store and found drawer hinges, but no drawers. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to build drawers? Thanks so much in advance.

In other rooms, especially childrens rooms we have boxes of toys in one room and toy boxes in another. We have books in some rooms, but no bookshelves. This seems like simple logistics. I hope by Wed. we can resolve most of the lingering box issues.

Have a great weekend,


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