Sunday, April 23, 2006

$5000 on gasoline!

That's what I've projected we'll spend this year - appoximately.

Between my wife and myself, I estimate we'll spend $5k on gasoline on two cars. Quite a bit of money.

Running the gasoline expense through the business (for business travel only) will shave off about $41.25%.

I might shift to the emigrant 1.4% discount card, which should absorbe a total of 42.65%.

Now how to reduce that even further:

  • we can't carpool
  • we can group errands to reduce driving
  • we keep our cars well maintained on an aggressive schedule
  • we usually shop at the lower priced station

Can anyone offer any other advice?

Has anyone considered fleet options or pre-purchased gasoline?




2million said...

For gas forget the Emigrant Card - there are several cash back credit cards that give you better rebates on gasoline purchases. If your spending 5k on gas you should get one of the 5% rebates on gas like the Citi Dividend Platinum Select MasterCard

makingourway said...

Thanks for the recommendation.
I read a recent article in Conumer Reports Money Adviser Newsletter. They indicated that the annual award amount is capped at $300. That would be the equivalent of spending $6,000 on gasoline. Hmmm...makes sense to me if we can restrict the card only for gasoline purchases and use the emigrant card for everything else.
Good idea.
Have you heard of any volume / fleet discount card?