Monday, October 12, 2009

Healthy sleeping tips

My favorite tip from consumer reports is that you:

(this is from National Center on Sleep Disorders Research, American Academy of Sleep Medicine, and individual sleep-medicine experts they consulted):

Use the bedroom only for sleeping or sex.

I wonder how many other things we use our bedroom for?

Little children make it very difficult for parents to have private time for intimacy / romance - especially when the little ones join you in the bedroom (every night!) it's unlikely if impossible that the bedroom will be used for anything other than:

1. sleeping (a little)
2. jumping on mommy and daddy to wake them up
3. jumping because it's fun
4. vomiting or anything else that comes out of a sick child
5. a place to watch tv in bed with mommy and daddy (think safe secure nest)
6. a great place for folding laundry
7. an inconvenient place for building puzzles (try moving the puzzle to go to sleep)
8. a second kitchen when under the weather
9. a mysterious warren of comforter and pillow tunnels ripe for exploration

regards, makingourway

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mcgill said...

Not sure the reason, but you posts have fallen off dramatically. :)

Can you tell me what your opinion is about purchasing an all electric vehicle like the Chevy Volt?