Sunday, September 13, 2009

Watching our investments slowly come back (maybe 6.66% off)

It's been quite a while since our investments lost about 35% at the bottom of the market. They're slowly getting better at about 6.66% off accroding to quicken. However, i think they may be further off as I rolled over my old 401k and I suspect that quicken reset the cost basis. This could get tricky.

How do you handle it?

I've been thinking about some fun / speculative investments.

IFF has done very well from me, having lowered my average purchase point far below what I had originally bought it at, unfortunately, it's not very leveraged.

I've been thinking about other ocmanies like Grainger, which seems to have a very interesting business model (as retailer and distributor). I need to look more deeply into their stock performance and fundamentals. I wonder if they're at the peek of their cycle - they've managed phenomenal historical growth and have a very compelling history. They sell must buy products at healthy margins.


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