Saturday, June 06, 2009

cheap exercise vs expensive exercise

After leaving big company, I joined aspiring big company, which brought several new lifestyle changes:
1. I don't travel as much (yet)
2. There's a health club in the building
3. I spend 3 hours r/t commuting

On the advice of a friend I tried very gradually exercising at home. Simple plan to exercise briefly each day.

Day 1 pushups trying to worky my way up to 150 a day in 20 pushup sets. Followed by dips (against a table or chair)

Day 2 crunches and leg lifts with similar goal of 150 in arts of 20 or 40.

I've been doing thud for 2 months and have begun to see muscle definition in chest and arm muscles. Back stengthening, too.

Unfortunately belly still there although some minor definition in upper belly. Very minor.

Seems that there is strength resistance benefit but not enough aerobic to manage weight loss.

So I joined the $60 building gym. But with long commute am challeneged to find workout time. Am wondering if i'll be able to do it.

One question is whether to go to work in workout clothes, shower after workout and change there?

Would save time, but would I actually work out or just shower somewhere else?

Regards, makingourway


Finance Junkie said...

Running is probably the cheapest cardio workout. If you have problems with stamina take breaks periodically along your route to do push-ups, sit-ups or other exercises... Then continue your run.

Denise Mall said...

From the words of my trainer (ex due to cost) - "there are fat runners". Strength training is a necessity in combo with cardio.

As far as this new plan. Definitely work out in the morning and shower at the club. I know it isn't as comfortable as home, but you will adjust. It has been proven that early exercise is more effective, then evening exercise and people stick too it. Evidently our metabolisms run for hours after the workout and if we just go home and too bed, it is wasted.

Plus, I know from my life - I am more productive and happy from a great morning work out.

Jerry said...

The most progress I have made in my health has not come in a gym. This is the case even though my former health insurance provider covered my gym membership in the States! This is not an ad, but I started doing the workouts on the P90X workout system - AT HOME - and it has so far lead to over 44 pounds of fat loss. I have been able to work out at home, shower at home, and these are very challenging workouts. I see no need for me to join a gym again, unless I am taking some sort of specialized classes there. Good luck with your workouts, wherever they are!