Sunday, December 28, 2008

Picasa 3 versus Adobe Photoshop Elements

For ages I would buy overpriced annual upgrades of Adobe photoshop elements.
I have grown quite unhappy with the annual price as well as the cumbersome mode in which it manages it's catalog files and has challenges with SAN / natwork drives. For the last year or two I've completely given up on the product.

I do want to commend the excellent use of TAGs in the product - that was very well done.

I've recently installed Google Picasa 3.

I'm very impressed with the following:

1. It's ability to access network shares is incredible - this is especially important when I have a shared hard drive with family pics sitting on the network.
2. It does a great job creating virtual albums and exporting them onto SD cards - especially at reduced resolution - I like using this to display pictures in a digital picture frame.
3. It's ability to quickly and easily import pictures from other directories.

Hope your holiday weekend is going well.



Anonymous said...

saw your comments
I am not a proffessional and use Picassa including 3 regularly !
Should I try Adobe ? It is expensive and cumbersome

makingourway said...

I would stick with Picassa if it works for you.

Anonymous said...

you say it works with network drives... but that's precisely why I've heard you *shouldn't* use Picasa. Edits can apparently only be stored locally. So if you edit a file on one computer, you won't be able to see the edits on another network computer. That's not what I would call excellent support of network drives.

My guess it that with the new version you'd need to push the photos to web folders and share via that way... but then you're going all the way to the web just to share between two home computers.