Monday, December 22, 2008

having fun with fat wallet

A few months ago I became a fat wallet member.

I had used upromise in the past, so i'm familiar with launch pad rebate schemes, however, the discounts from upromise were fairly blase - nothing too special unless the products were quite overpriced - with the exception of occassionally nice discounts from

Fat wallet seems to combine nice rebates (great stuff with right now) with coupon codes - it's really nice combination.

Furthermore my rebate amount owed has climbed quite a bit faster than with upromise - especially due to judicious use during the holidays.

I've looked at Quicken's new rebate offering, which is integrated with quicken, and find that they have pretty good rates as well (less the coupon codes it seems).

high volue / frequent destination sites seem less motivated to offer rebates.

Regards and holiday wishes, makingourway

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