Monday, December 22, 2008

cable TV versus buying DVDs

It's been about 6 months or so since we cancelled our cable TV service.

Grandma watches European video over the internet for $7 per month.

We usually go to the library and borrow videos for free.

I occassionally buy entire series on DVD: Heroes, BattleStar Galactica, etc.... My wife and I enjoy watching them together.

In addition we take advantage of occassional used DVD sales from video rental stores. HOllywood Video had a great sale at $3.99 earlier this month and Blockbuster had 4 for $20. It gave us a chance to buy things we'd been interested in.

Ove the two sales I spent $150, which will last us a few months. It's about what a single month of cable had cost me in the past.

One thing I'm tempted with is to buy an on-line video streaming service - perhaps netflix, which is only $8 per month, but I'm not sure we really use it.

Every so often, I watch for movies and videos. It's free and quite enjoyable. My favourites include Master and Commander and I'm looking forward to Harold and Kumar.

Regards, makingourway

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