Friday, August 01, 2008

would you replace a leaking water heater?

i'm planning on replacing mine.
The edge of the container - not a fixture - is rusted to the point that it's continuously dripping. i'll review with contractor tonight to see his oppinion.

it's not under pressure, so i'll constantly have a small amount of water on the ground near the drain - figure 3-6 ounces. is this a mold risk?

should i wait a year or until it's unbearable or do it right away?

regards, makingourway

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Denise Mall said...

Definitely replace now. These things are not that bad in price anymore. When comparing to the one I replaced at the store for $4600. :-)

The cost, that will only increase and the inconvenience that it will cause if it blows is not worth the headaches. Spend now, relax later.