Friday, August 01, 2008

what remains to convert to compact flourescent

The following are difficult to convert and unfortunately, some are fairly commonly used:

1. outside lights - takes too long to turn brighten and a pain to install
2. chandeliers - i have several (kitchen, foyer, dining room). It would cost a fortune at $9.00 each to convert. and they still aren't that attractive. let alone figure out how to climb all the way up to the taller fixtures.
3. loft lights - i have a few in a lofted ceiling - when service men come to fix a gutter, i may convert them too.
4. dimming ceiling sconces - requires candlesticks.
5. dimming canned lights - i have about 20!!! mostly in the basement.

The kitchen chandelier is used most frequently.

On the whole, i have quite a bit of work to do, but figure about 80% of my commonly used lights are converted. Still, the others could save money, however, the cost is daunting.

i'm tempted to convert them onesy twosey style, but my better sense says to wait and see what new technology is introduced.

How do we know if any of the bulbs we're buying to day will make sense in light of new products 2-3 years from now?


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