Friday, August 01, 2008

Reducing subscriptions and ongoing costs and new ones

Here's a quick update on the effort to reduce continuing costs:

1. We are cancelling the unnecessary insurance policy - will save $65 per month over the next 12 years. That's $9,360!!
2. Cancelled Park District membership. Saves $135 per month. Looking back the whole thing was a mistake. We can take classes without being members - if we were to do so - and it would cost $5-$10 extra. But we would never take so many that it made sense to join. Plus they receive a tax subsidy so my conscience is salved.

Total saved $200 per month

Less tangible - utility bill reduction

1. We have bought and installed additional compact flourescent bulbs. We have probably gone from 60% - 85% converted. This may have reduced the expense further since we've focussed the bulbs on fairly high use areas. I'll post more on this separately.
2. Pool heater - we've lowered the temperature so it may consume less resources.
3. Household - we've been trying to raise the household temperature to 78 - this may reduce our electric bill

Personal trainer - reduced 10 lesson package from $550 to $400 - we'll continue to do this every two weeks, unless we can lower it further, but it's not reasonable to go much lower.


Medicine $65 per month - doesn't look like there's a generic for these.

This weekend I'll take a fresh look at year to date spend and try to eliminate a few more expenses.


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