Sunday, August 10, 2008

Reconciling our desire for SUV comforts with mileage requirements

My wife really enjoys the above the road feeling of an SUV, however, our mileage, is poor, compared to alternatives - about 19.x miles per gallon for substantial highway driving.

It seems that what she should have is a smaller commuter car that's safe, drives well and obtains better gas mileage, however, I wonder if any of those fit the raised view of the road.

Maybe a raised view will become less important as many light weight trucks and SUVs sit idle due to high gasoline prices? I don't see any alternatives. I wonder if this interest is behind seeing so many suburban house wives driving physically large (manly looking)SUVs?

We're looking at the honda civic hybrid, but the performance of other hybrids has been quite poor - so we're skeptical that this one will work out. We should know next week.


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