Saturday, August 02, 2008

Living within $300 per weekend - status

Here are my thoughts and a quick update.

The reason I tried to cap weekend spending, is that it's the most likely period where we have time to spend our weekend budget.

If we don't use it for lots of spending we'll be less likely to spend the money.

So much of our weekend spending actually went to standard living activities like, groceries, etc.... My regular weekly grocery budget was $300, but we were averaging much more, maybe $500. Changing how we shop at costco will make a huge dent. In general fruits and vegetables should come from the mexican green grocers - they cost almost half. Grandma loves the big 4 pound tubs of strawberries at $7 each, but we can buy 1 lb for $1 at the green grocers.

Our first weekend was fairly on budget, but only because I used a store credit to buy several home repair items - so I'm not sure how to really count that weekend.

Our second weekend was a failure - we spent about $500 or so. Groceries weren't so bad, but I had to buy some birthday gifts and wine to host a party so spend went up.

I'm hoping we can do better this weekend. We'll certainly see.

I still think the goal and aspiration is worth doing.

Regards, makingourway

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Anonymous said...

Hi there. I've been reading your blog for a little while now, this is my first comment. I recall a while back you mentioning that your job situation was a little shaky. Any updates with that?

As far as being on a budget, I'm in the same boat as far as trying to stay on a budget. Although I kinda place the emphasis in a different place. I come up with the amount I want to save, then build a budget around that. The only numbers I really track are the steady amounts to savings and paying bills. Everything else has to come out of whatever is left someway. So far it's working for me. Good luck to you and your family.