Monday, August 18, 2008

hanging pictures & the picture hanging kit

We went mad hanging pictures this weekend. Actually, we hung quite a few in the family room but have so many more left to hang.

I've built a fairly nice picture hanging kit, it features:

1. Felt pads for the back of frames
2. Rubber bumpers for the back of others

1&2 stop frames from scratching the wall

3. Numerous brass hanging hooks (the kind you can remove and re-use)
4. Mirror hanging kits (with wire for hanging pictures that lack cords in the back)
5. Hammer
6. Tape measure
7. 18" level
8. 48" level
9. Pencil
10. electric screw driver (I've had to use this to install hanging bits on the backs of frames)

What I'd like to add:

11. More brass hanging hooks - you can never have enough
12. More mirror kits - i'm out of wire
13. Frame hanging hooks to replace the jagged teeth hooks on the back of some frames

the jagged tooth hooks are horrible to attach and horrible to balance.

So we hung lots of pictures in the family room. We realized, unfortunately, that we did not have a fair balance of pictures of all of our children. New pictures have been ordered to remedy that.

We still have many pictures in the basement. I think we'll start hanging pictures up stairs soon.


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