Thursday, July 03, 2008

update on our compact florescent lightbulb push

While most of our lightbulbs have been converted to compact flourescent (CF), we noticed about a $50 savings in electrical bill during the winter - rough drop from $220/mo to $150. We won't see much new with the air conditioning running this summer.

However, we still have quite a few lamps that are not converted. These are the lamps that do not typically lend themselves to CF solutions:

* Ceiling fans with 4 bulbs - we have quite a few of these - maybe 4 = 16 bulbs
* Ceiling fixtures that take 4 candle stick bulbs - maybe 4 = 16 bulbs
* Can lights with dimmers - we have several of these in key areas

While walking throught target I found several interesting things:

1. Spiral bulb style lights that are dimmable - unfortunately I need floods
2. Ceiling fan lights - on sale for $4.59 each - GE energy smart 40, uses 11 watts - I bought 3 to test.
3. CF candlesticks - I didn't buy one, but am planning to do so - also by GE

What I don't care for is the price. Individual GE CF light bulbs are much more expensive than bulk purchased Feist bulbs from costco. Then again, costco doesn't have 1-3 yet, so maybe I'll have to bite the bullet and pay the premium.

It just so happens that the light fixtures we use the most are the ceiling lights in my office and bedroom and the candlesticks in the hallway.

I still don't have an adequate solution for a dimmable flood, but if I tried, I might find something.

I did find an interesting site called top bulb, which does have an incredibly large volume of CF's of many styles, however, the candle stick bulbs looked almost 100% more expensive than what was available at target.

Perhaps over the weekend we'll move forward and get closer to comprehensive CF utilization.

Oh, one admission, we are not using CF's for outside lights or in our garage - shame on us - we should be. I even have the lamp pole to do the installation!!

Regards, makingourway

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