Saturday, July 12, 2008

monthly cash flow turns positive

I'm not sure if this is sustained or sustainable, but our monthly cash flow turned positive. A few bonuses and tax refunds helped.

We'll see if this is a continuous trend.

Our networth is down to about $650k - mainly due to dips in investment values.

Wife is due a raise - this will substantially shore up our ongoing monthly p&l. We'll see if she receives it - otherwise better start updating her resume.

I need to think about updating my resume.

Big company has gone through some rough patches and even though things are improving, overall cuts may make me vulnerable. I hate the feeling that no matter how hard I work and no matter what I achieve (profitability increases), I'm still at risk. Part of this is a leadership issue - regardless of the situation.

I'm not to keen about the opportunities recruiters have been calling me with, but I certainly don't want to be unemployed for an extended time. Very frustrating!


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