Friday, July 18, 2008

$3000 spent on gasoline over 6 months

A few days ago I did a year to date search by spending category.
The results were quite disappointing.

One item in particular was a $3000 spend on gasoline.

Granted a few reimbursements for some business related travel were not included, but overall the amounts are large - $500 per month. Oddly, they do seem in synch with the $180 a car a month that some of my friends are paying.

Having 3 cars, we need to calculat how much we're actually spending per car. My wife, who commutes the most will have to consider filing for reimbursement for miles on the job - that will help some.

We'll also keep looking for hybrids. She was quite disappointment with the lack of power and performance in the Toyota Prius. We're wondering if the Honday Camry Hybrid will perform any better.

One question we don't have answered is exactly on which car are we spending the most money. We'll have to get alot better tracking gasoline charges for that to happen. However, i am confident switching from an suv to a compact hybrid should save quite a bit.


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