Monday, June 30, 2008

shock - get it before it's gone

Now that I've decided to service my own swimming pool - I have to buy my own chemicals. Price seems to be half of what the service charges - but i pay for the gas to get it.

Costco has wonderful prices on chlorine 3" pucks.
I have to go to profesisonal pool stores for ph up and ph down as well as some other chemicals.

One important chemical is shock. You use it especially in the early days to manage chlorine levels and purge the pool after it awakens from hibernation.

Costco had a great deal at 24 1 pound packs for about $55. The pool store is almost twice as much.

Unfortunately, we went to two stores and all were sold out.

Costco treats shock as a seasonal one time stock!

My recommendation is to buy it if you can get it!!


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