Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New monthly expense actions

We've decided to reduce our monthly costs by taking the following actions:

Actions and savings:

1. reduced unnecessary subscriptions ($25 - $30 per month)
2. cancelled cable tv ($150 - $190 per month - comcast incentive expired)
3. reduced Nanny to 1 day per week ($288 per month)
4. plan to maintain our swimming pool on our own ($300 per month)

We have to figure out more creative ways to save, though reducing our leasing cost on our SUV would save some money. Though changing cars for better mileage doesn't seem to yield enough savings when you factor in new car costs, downpayments, etc....

We've talked about scheduling meals and eating out less, which would probably save us $400 per month, but frankly, we eat out sporadicly and not that frequently. We'll have to look into this more.


1 comment:

Wayne said...

What you listed is a start. Take a look at other monthly expenses you have
for example,
1) cell phones - can you reduce the monthly charge? Does it have a data plan which you use?
2)landline phone service - any extras, can you just use cell phones?
3) house service - lawn cutting, house cleaning? If you have them, can you do them yourself?