Friday, March 14, 2008

when earning $1000/hr isn't enough to make rent

I was quickly browsing through the news and found an interesting article regarding Spitzer debacle. According to Reuters, Ms. Dupre, Spitzer's rent-a-girlfriend, was concerned that she could not afford her monthly lease payment now that her employer was shut down.

It's a very odd consideration.

How much of the $1000 did she get to keep? How many hours did she work every week?

Even a modest number of hours - say five - would be an income of $125,000 if she kept only 50%.

Is this another example of high income earners not keeping emergency funds?


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mOOm said...

The rent could be $5000 or more easily as $3000 is a pretty normal number for a small place in Manhattan. If she is no longer earning that kind of money even if she has some savings (and we don't know how long she's done this work) she doesn't want to bleed out that kind of money any more.