Saturday, March 15, 2008

How I saved $20 on my Verizon Wireless mobile bill

While upgrading to my new phone I inquired about the new $99 unlimited calling plan.

The $99 plan does not apply for smart phone users (treo, blackberry, etc...)

I have a much larger plan - typically 4000 minutes for about $140 a month - corporate discount.

Switching to the new plan ends up saving me $5 a month and gives me unlimited minutes, messages and data.

I realized I had also been paying $15 per month to use my black berry as a modem - which I never really use (it can't take calls and be a modem at the same time). I also have a wireless card. So I removed that feature from my account. I also have a wireless card that I use - making the blackberry an unlikely to be used back-up.

Verizon told me that I could reactivate the service in a few minutes if I needed it - so I'm comfortable taking it off.

Now everything is $20 cheaper.

I wonder what else I can trim off the bill.

This is actually more of a benefit for my employer as most of my bill is re-imbursed.


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