Monday, March 24, 2008

A cheaper alternative to wiring a home network

I recently stumbled upon the linksys plk200, it's a linksys product that allows you to run ethernet signal over your homes electrical network.

It costs about $130 for the base unit and a remote. A second remote is about $65 (the PLE200).

The idea is that you can plug wired ethernet devices into the remotes and they connect back into your network (and your router) through the base unit.

They claim you'll have up to 200 MB/s over an encrypted connection - which they offer due to potential sharing of electrical service, such as apartment buildings, etc....

The alternative is to wire ethernet for $1500 for the entire house. I would certainly have all the rooms connected, but I'd rather conserve the cash right now.

I'll update the blog on how it performs. It should arrive late this week.



JBS said...

I know everyone has to find their own way in this world...but why not delay networking your home (even if it's just $200) until you're not cash flow negative? Every bit helps and this $200 may well fund a large chunk of a month's grocery budget. Just my take.

Anonymous said...

Can you do it yourself? I spent about $65 on Cat 5 cable (still have lots left over) and perhaps $25 on RJ45 jacks and wall plates to do my home - every room except the kitchen, both upstairs and down.