Monday, October 08, 2007

Quicken 2008 better priced at Costco and tales from the Quicken Community

Costsco's selling Quicken Home & Business for $64.99 - a better deal than Intuit - even with the $10 off coupon.

I looked at the Community discussion boards for Quicken 2008. It came out early in September 2007. Like the prior version, Quicken 2007, it had several serious defects that disabled productivity for quite a few people. I lost weeks of Quicken 2007 use until the first patch came out.

This time they're at patch #3.

I'm glad I've waited (more out of ignorance), but it seems safe to upgrade now.

Here's one tip - don't convert a data file with long file names.

Regards, makingourway

PS the features I like are the savings goal feature.
EBay types would like the integration with paypal. I have one, but not much money there, so it's of uncertain current value.

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