Monday, October 15, 2007

Nightmares with Nuance Software & why does PaperPort have to suffer?

As previously mentioned I aggressively image my documents using a program called PaperPort 11 Profesional. Well, I used to. Ever since I upgraded to Windows Vista in June I haven't been able to run PaperPort 11 Pro.
It requires a special patch.
You can type your serial number on-line but can't download it.
After trying to reach Nuance's customer service departments since July (JULY!!) I finally got through and was told the on-line patch was discontinued. The only way I could get the patch was for free but I had to pay $9 shipping and handling. Somehow $9 does not feel free or like reasonable shipping and handling!!
I bet they come out with a new version of the product next week!!

For such a great product, Nuance is a horrible publisher. Maybe they'd like to revive the old reputation of CA - take a fine product and milk the installed client base!

I wonder what alternatives are available.

Regards, makingourway

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