Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dinner at the melting pot

Two busy professionals seldom have time for a formal sit down dinner, occasionally, we, as a family, will go out for a special treat.
This week we chose the melting pot.
I have to say it wasn't bad. I liked it, but didn't quite fit into the gourmet experience I had while visiting New York so long ago.
Most importantly, i was quite suprised by the actual cost.
Four adults and two toddlers spent $130, however that was having no alcohol and full meals ONLY for two. In other words, four of us were able to eat somewhat sparingly for the price of two, however,the real price should have been $260 for 4. That's amazingly expensive for a strip mall restuarant, at least for fondue!!!
I did learn one important lesson.
Never take toddlers to a restuarant where they'll be waiving sharp long tined forks in their and everyone else's faces!
Between the boiling hot oil, bubbling broth and on table burners I couldn't rest a moment. Ruined my appetite. I love them so - I love my own eyes as well - nearly lost one between the bread and apple dippings.
My wife and I need to rething where to eat with the kids.
Suprising Beni Hana - heated table included - seems to work better - perhaps it's the flying shrimp!

Regards, makingourway


Britt said...

At the Melting Pot, we usually skip the main course and just do a cheese fondue for 2 and a chocolate fondue for 2, at a very reasonable cost. You can fill up on that easily, especially since they'll bring you extra dippers. And I happen to like cheese and chocolate way more than I like the broth stuff anyway... :)

It does seem like a hectic place to bring kids, though!

Anonymous said...

I agree with penny. The cheese and chocolate are far better tasting and a better bang for your buck. Also, I think Benihana is much more fun for the family..and that fried rice is oh so good (Homer Simpson sounds in the background).

I don't know if you guys are "foodies", but would be glad to exchange ideas on good restaurants in the Chicago area (don't remember if you guys live downtown or in the burbs)