Sunday, May 20, 2007

free fun entertainment for children

Being on the road so much, I miss my children horribly and find weekends consumed with catchup time. Since they're so young, we try, but have minimal success bonding on the telephone.

Yesterday was a 14 hour bonding festival. Quit enjoyable. Unfortunate how jealous the oldest gets of the youngest. Will need a way to deal with that.

After walking around, running errands and going on adventures, we decided to come home a bit and rest (lots of carrying stretched Daddy's arms).

We went on-line to youtube and started looking for video's of dolphins. It was quite alot of fun. Kept the whole family entertained for well over an hour. Obviously it's important for parents to parse the descriptions or rely on google's search engine for adultness ratings, but the whole family had a wonderful time.

Topic based video on demand is alot better than surfing channels on TV.

Regards, makingourway


Anonymous said...

youtube can be pretty fun especially with some of the animals clips.

Anonymous said...

what happened? where are you?

fin_indie said...

Are you guys still out there? what happened?