Wednesday, March 07, 2007

making sense of time on the road

Different week, a different city.

I've had numerous meetings at our partner's corporate headquarters this week - probably over 25 by the time I leave. So many!!

Every night we've taken various executives out to dinner building relationships, establishing partnership, trust and driving home key issues on making things happen. Hundreds of people are involved in the venture spread over several organizations. My team, a hodge-podge of groups from several organizations has over 160 - I'm no longer sure of the exact count, some say 240, but I'll be conservative and go with the lower number for now. I've been cross-appointed into our partner organization into a decent level VP position, without actually being a VP, which is a bit annoying as I don't have officer's priveledges there, but it's really unfair for me to have such a posting in both companies. The only downside is that I cannot actually sign-off on various HR and financial activities belonging to our partner company, but there is a process where someone will do it for me.

I wonder how long I'll be able to manage this pace. It's certainly exciting, especially discussion of national marketing plans, etc.... But the politics can certainly wear on you.

For my own career advancement I wonder if it's best to keep myself in this position for as long as possible or set it up, hire my replacement and beyond to the next major initiative.

I do miss my family quite a bit. My wife and I barely have time to talk. We're going to try to talk in the early AM. Seems more efficient than evening times when I'm in dinners or meetings. tonight I called her around 10 pm and woke her up. I felt quite bad about it.

While I'm on the road this role seems all encompassing. The restrains I would normally have are certainly gone. However, it does mean less time for personal finance, etc.... As you'll notice I've barely posted. I miss that.

Also, I'm gaining weight. I hate that. I feel fat. That's horrible. No time to exercise sucks as well. Need to find the exercise time, but can I really operate on 6 hours of sleep?

Regards, makingourway

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