Saturday, February 03, 2007

Not a moment to coast

My wife and I just had an interesting conversation, it wasn't so much about the decisions before us (career, location, where we raise our children, etc...), as a review of the last 10 years (about as long as we've been married).

There really hasn't been a single year where we didn't have a plan to make major changes, whether they were job changes, reaction to job instability, graduate schools, new houses, major house rennovations, having children, etc....

We thought how nice it would be to have a year to coast - no major change in process or pending.

One thought came up - haven't our lives improved and our family grown from all the changes? Are we happy with our wonderful children, state of our carreers, savings, income and home (just not location)? We couldn't have accomplished all of it without the changes we made.

However, my wife pointed out, there has always been so much uncertainty and lack of predictability. It's true. For so much of these major one year campaigns, we've never really had much visibility beyond two years - and the second year was always spent preparing for the next step - usually a huge step.

Look at our current situtuation:

1. We stay and my wife gets promoted. My employer, Big Company, may or may not work out - especially when I'm not spending so much time in our main offices. Wife's job is secure for now - can she assume leadership of the enterprise - some insecurity and doubts of the future, but a four to five year time frame.
2. We move to Chicago. Will either of our jobs work out? Uncertainty as to what next year will be like for both of us. Big change. New schools, etc.... Little future certainty or predictability until at least one year has passed.
3. We move to Atlanta. Same issues as #1 plus #2. Again, little future certainty or predictability until at least one year has passed.

I'm not sure if the lack of predictability is a result of:
  • inconfidence
  • doing things we haven't done before (reaches)
  • the same for everyone else
  • discomfort with very large assumptions

What are your thoughts? Do you know what you'll be doing or expect to be doing

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mOOm said...

I never really know what is going to happen more than a year or two out. At the moment I am waiting for my green card and don't know when the process will be completed. Meanwhile Snork Maiden is completing her PhD - she might stay for a post-doc in the same place or go somewhere else for work. So whether we'll be together when or where is up in the air.