Sunday, February 18, 2007

New software for my BlackBerry 8703e

I'm sick of lugging my Palm Treo 650 around. I've decided to download various programs to replace the key ones I had on my Treo. This is especially important as I've been spending lots more time on the road.

Tomorrow I head off to the midwest, but not to Chicago - St. Louis. Should be fun, I've never been there.

First step:

1. Install BlackBerry Desktop software (and pray it doesn't try to synch my outlook DB with my blackberry - which is synch'd to my employer's DB).
2. install several trial programs (I hope they work):

  • Ascendo DataVault (seems the closest replacement to MobiPassword
  • ToDo Matrix - I want a Franklin Covey style task list - I'm hoping it will deliver.
  • Ascendo IJuggle - an alternative to ToDo Matrix - I may install one or the other.
  • Ascendo Money - requires that I import a file - integration with Quicken unclear (frustrating)

I need the DataVault most of all. Will let you know how the other programs work out.

Regards, makingourway

PS any recommendations?


adam said...

What's wrong with the 650?

Anonymous said...

If you use a cell phone, why not get one of the palm/cell combo's, instead of trying to make a palm out of BlackBerry?