Sunday, January 14, 2007

Waiting on line at cvs

I suppose I should be grateful that cvs is open ob Sundays and off hours, however the quality of service in our small NC town is so poor and so painfully slow I often wonder if I would rather remain home sick without medicine for a day and purchase it the next day at a well run independent pharmacy.
Why doesn't the independent have Sunday hours?
If CVS could get there act together the independent might actually have to extend their hours to compete.
Regards, makingourway
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Anonymous said...

Don't worry, even here in this giant city of L.A. their customer service still stinks, even though they are open 24 hours a day. You are not alone!

Wayne said...

They make it slow so that they hope you will browse the store and make other purchases.

makingourway said...

Thanks, David, it's a comfort to know other people share my misery (;_>).

Wayne, I quite honestly suspected the same. Once while listlessly waiting, I found a bag of diabetic chocolates - sweeted with malto dextrine, I think. I ate the whole bag. The entire night was spent on the porcellin throne - very little sleep. I learned one lesson that day.