Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Money Saver: saving money with correct postage

I'm guilty of overpaying for postage all the time - have you ever done this:

You fill the envelope. Heft it in your hand and decide it's heavy. To be safe you add another stamp or two. Before you're done, your envelope now has $1.17 in postage on it.

Did you just throw your money out the door?

There is an easier way. Go to Office Max/Depot or Staples and buy a postage scale. They're not very expensive, between $10 - $25. Pelouze is one of the largest manufacturers. I have bought a Pelouze digital scale.

Way the envelope on your new scale.

Go to and click the calculate postage link. Select your format (letter, usually) and enter the zip codes. It will calculate the actual postage for you.

I find it a handy way to use all those old $0.32 and $0.29 stamps I bought years ago and only recently recovered from a "safe place".



Anonymous said...

Time is money. I just can't be bothered to take the time to do that. I'd rather overpay for postage sometimes...

Thats my justification. Maybe the truth is... I'm just too lazy!

makingourway said...

Hmmm... 10 seconds to grab the scale. 2 seconds to hit the on button. 3 seconds to get the weight. 15 seconds. Acceptable to me.

I did spend an hour to go out and buy the scale.

Some investments do pay off. Either in future time - how long will you wait in a post office line - or crisis avoided - like a payment being returned to you after it's due for insufficient postage.

Good luck,

Catherine at Frugal Homemaker Plus said...

Great idea! I've been thinking of buying a postage scale since I've gotten more in to selling on E-bay. It would be nice to really know when those flat rate boxes are really a good deal!