Saturday, January 13, 2007

Finally...I've upgrade to the new blogger

Hmm...what does that mean, so far it meant:

  • not having to type the word verification when I comment on my own posts
  • ability to use labels - need to learn how to do this one
  • disappointment that the editor (for posts) looks essentially the same
  • curiousity about drag and drop template editing - hmmm what will it break?
  • wonderful experience replying to user comments - the edit posts feature shows a list of posts and a link to the comments for each one
  • curiousity about having blogger connect directly from my domain (which I already do from 1and1 - is it worth configuring blogger to do this?

One thing I'm curious about is switching to a smaller font. Please tell me if this smaller font is acceptable to you, my readers. If it makes it harder or easier to read?

Thank you.



PS How do I get rid of the double spacing between paragraphs!!!


Anonymous said...

I personally like the bigger font, although the smaller one is readable.

BTW, one small typo in your template (or whatever generates your "About Me" section): "who's future is our greatest ..." should read "whose future is our greatest ..." No big deal, but since it appears on every page ...


makingourway said...

I've got to remember to take care of that. Must do it while I'm away on my trip or after I come back next week.