Saturday, December 23, 2006

Quick thoughts on Christmas Shopping

We've decided to put the kabash on Christmas shopping. Well maybe not entirely. We've bought gifts for our children and sent out family picture cards from costco ($15.99 for 50), but otherwise, haven't spent much on anyone else. My kids (those old enough to understand gifts) will net about 10 gifts - but only two are substantial - figure $250 total.

I did buy my wife a necklace from Costco. I felt the money back guarantee would help if she didn't like it. I was prepared to spend about $1000, or even $1250, but the one that caught her eye was ony $350. [my wallet sighs in relief]. Actually, I'd like to get her something nicer and more expensive - a unique piece I found in the carribean, but the jewelry store's telephone number is disconnected - who would expect such a thing?

The gift I'm most proud of is a hand-made custom belt for my eldest - he's finally old enough to try to un-buckle it. Wearing a belt is one of those important steps toward manhood!

Hmm...did we buy anything for anyone else - no - not even Grandma and Grandpa. I did send about 6 sets of photos for about $100 to various close relatives - but that's as close as it gets.

I suppose my last gift will be to renew my mother's ceiva subscription - that would be a nice thing. If she were more technically comfortable, I'd rather get her a digital picture frame that takes SD cards. I could load up a card - 256 MB cards are so cheap now with many more pictures that Ceiva supports and send her a new one every month or two. Oh well.

I noticed a Wall St. Journal article today that quoted a professor from George Mason University in VA(?). He claimed that Christmas gift giving was uneconomical - inefficient and that most gifts were not what people wanted.

For myself, I really don't care for anything. I have a new child, my family is healthy and I have a new job that pays alot more than my last. All that I can ask for is continued good fortune, good health and happiness.

Perhaps there is something I can ask for, the chance to wish the same good things:

good fortune
good health
and good happiness

to you, my readers.

Thank you for reading, commenting and motivating me to more ahead with this crazy idea.

Did you know that my goal was to have a thousand visits this year? Well, we're certainly past that. Thank you.


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