Sunday, December 03, 2006

Networth Update for November 2006 +$4,961.04

Here's our progress on our annual goals for 2006.
Although we've suprassed our networth goal, our operating cash reserve has been drawn on heavily. It will very likely be drawn on again for end of year investments opportunities. We should rebuild it fully by March 2007.

Despite a drop in our family income, we actually increased out networth this month by almost $5k. We were able to do so as a biproduct of my increase in income.

Last month is an interesting comparison - we had a $8.6k increase, but without the benefit of my new pay increase. Interestingly enough, $3k of that increase was due to investment performance.

December will be a challenging month as my wife will just start receiving her pay and a partial paycheck at that, while we will have end of year expenses.

My prediction for December 2006 networth growth is very modest - close to flat-line or perhaps $1k increase. At the moment I can't anticipate any significant cash expense other than a special birthday / holiday gift for my wife - actually it might even wipe out the modest increase. This of course assumes the markets remain fairly static.

January 2008 will be better - both our incomes will be firing full bore. By the end of February, we'll be close to making up the cash expenses for the month in Chicago and the no-pay portion of my wife's leave. My the first week of March we'll surpass where we were.

Here are the charts:

1. Networth change summary. We managed to go up!!

2. Our asset allocation - does it make sense to include our home equity value?

3. Trading Account (post tax)

[blogger won't cooperate and upload the picture - this has been an ongoing problem.]

Have a great Sunday, makingourway


The Sarcasticynic said...

Regarding including home equity value in one's net worth, I've asked myself the same thing. H.E. can be such a nebulous target, and is affected by so many things, I've just figured it in informally. For example, (and I'm just making the numbers up,) I might say "My net worth is $200K. $280K if you figure in the house." But it's only the $200K that I track. is a good place to track a running estimate of one's house if you want to have a line entry for your house value in your spreadsheets.

2million said...

Do you really mean Dec 2007 and Jan 2008? Your net worth will remain flat for th entire year of 2007??

fin_indie said...

Blogger can be a pain in the a** for pictures. One issue I noticed is that if you have an spaces in the filename, it just won't accept them. Same may be true for some special characters. Check those and perhaps you can get it to work.

makingourway said...

$2M, good call - I messed up. I really meant that my net worth for the coming December of the year 2006 will remain fairly flat.
I'm expecting we'll see about $80k conservatively in net worth growth in 2007 - assuming I don't get fired - owning your own business is very different than working in someone elses. I think I'll do fine, but you never know.
fin_indie- great point will check it out!! Thanks.
Sarcastic - good thoughts.