Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Carnival of Personal Finance #80 is up & go visit My Personal Finance Blog!

Not only is the carnival of personal finance #80 up - go see it here, but it's being hosted by one of my favourite bloggers, My Personal Finance Blog. Actually I consider the owner of mypfblog a friend - despite the anonymity of such things.

We have quite a few common experiences and like him, I'll be moving to IL some time next year. He's already there. I hope he's enjoying it.

My PFBlog is a fascinating fellow. His wife is a brilliant engineering PhD. He's a dynamic marketing consultant and entreprenuer. Like myself, he's taken a risk and moved to the country from their home in MI.

He's had some dramatic entreprenuerial successes at a young age and some miserable disassters (like my real estate deal so long ago that wipe me out). But he has a strong analytic mind and an even stronger stomache - instead of giving up, he's working even harder to accomplish what he needs to do to meet his goals.

Reading PFBlog inspires me. Check it, I hope you'll find it equally inspiring. Here's PFBlog's self-description.


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