Tuesday, November 14, 2006

stranded on a sea of financial ignorance

As I'm on the road travelling for Big Company, I have not had a chance in almost one week to check my finances. No downloading of transactions into quicken, examining investment performance, etc....

Before I left I shifted money from our operating reserve money market accounts into our checking accounts and prepaid bills. I really hope that everything shifted accordingly.

We're paying for virtualy all other expenses on our credit crds, for which there is room for the whole trip. But then again, you never know.

I backed up all our financial data and financial documents (scanned as pdf's) onto an external hard drive. This weekend I will attach the drive to my laptop and try a download.

For the moment I really am floating on the uneasy confidence of my planning over a week ago. Hopefully we won't have any problems.

Today I will go online and try to see my first paycheck - what a wonderful feeling. New, much bigger pay check! Bummer, Big Company hasn't prenoted it - I guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow - I really hope they didn't blow the direct deposit.


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