Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Makingourway makes the Carnival of Shopping #3

Aram, host of the carnival of shopping wrote a very nice review of our post discussing the value (or lack of value) of personnel possessions - especially as assets. He even called our post dispassionate!! Wow... I feel like an economist!

It would be very nice if someone else took the Meme and passed it on! What do you think of personal possessions as assets?

Personally, I want to read Wenchypoo's article on reverse-shopping. When we move back to the big City we can take less with us!!

I recommend the carnival just for Aram's jokes and quips - he's a funny person. Might even be nice to drink with.

Have a wonderful evening,

1 comment:

Aram said...

Aw, shucks, you. You flatter me, I--no, no, no oversized checks, please, I--well, OK, I mean, if you insist...

It's true, though, I am a good drinking buddy--hope you like Ouzo shots with Zima backs!

[vomits quietly]