Saturday, October 14, 2006

What would you do with an extra computer?

Ever since I replaced our family file server with a hardware based networked appliance (NAS) by easy share, I haven't used our file server.

A few weeks ago I had it repared - the rocket raid card went bad, killing everything stored in the raid array. We reconnected some of the hard drives to the mother board (SATA) and removed two for use in other machines.

Now to decide what to do? My first thought is to let my in-laws use it. It's a 3.0 GHz machine, 1 GB RAM, well built. This will dramatically improve their web browsing and maybe video experience (if they listen or watch video). Their current machine is a 1.8 GHz AMD box.

What to do with it?

I don't really have room in the house to randomly place a machine anywhere - though I wish our kitchen had room - it would be great for recipes, etc....

My thoughts are to find place in our guest room to allow visitors to browse. An alternative might be to set it up off the network with educational games for my children in the playroom, but when your oldest is barely 3 years old - does that make sense?

What would you do?


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BAD said...

You'd be surprised how quick children pick up on how to use a computer. We gave our son an old computer when he was almost 3 and once we showed him how to play a game - he was playing on his own. We purchasesd a few Tonka games and he loves them.