Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Prosper.com...where are the statements?

Has anyone had any delays in receiving their prosper.com statements?

A friend of mine tells me he hadn't received any statements since July and just received his August statement recently - at the end of October!

What's happening at prosper - are they failing to prosper?

In curiosity,


Anonymous said...

Tell him to log on to his account. At the top left they show how many messages are there. This is where the statements are. I have it set up to send me emails to my main box, as well.

makingourway said...

he's done this - and can't find any online statements since August and August just arrived a few days ago!
thanks for the tip, though,

mapgirl said...

Has he tried contacting them yet? Mine seem to arrive fine.

Lazy Man and Money said...

I just looked at mine and they are old too. I got August's on 10/31. By the way, I'm looking under "Your Account --> Statements." I went to look at the messages and they just say to go to that area. I oddly got two July statements and I'm waiting for September.

makingourway said...

My friend confirmed the same problem.

This is a major administrative error.

What would happen if Bank of America made the same mistake?


BAD said...

From a borrower's point of view - I've been receiving my statements timely.

makingourway said...

Thanks, Tricia,
one on time, two late...not in prosper's favor.
Then again borrowers are more important.
I wonder if interest is being credited properly?