Friday, October 06, 2006

Micrsoft Excel Help: adding and counting in Excel

Micrsoft has just posted a very nice article to help users add and count contents within a spreadsheet.

Although most people are familiar with basic excel formulas, not everyone has had the need or opportunity to use more complex formulas, that count the number of items in a list, etc....

The is very nice, demonstrating how to count the items in a list, count only the items that are blank (or not), counting unique items only and applying your own criteria.

Knowing the number of items in a list and being able to add them together is essential for basic statistical analysis. I recommend a quick browse through the article, even for experienced excel users.

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JSBAssoc said...

You may not want to re-work everything, but Google has a spreadsheet feature. I have found it very useful for sharing spreadsheets I don't mind hosting on the internet. It even has a download as html and as xls as built-in features.

It's still in beta, but I haven't really hit any problems.