Thursday, October 05, 2006

Audioblogger goes offline - Audioblogger RIP

I just received an e-mail today from the fine people at Odeo regarding their decision to take AudioBlogger offline on November 1st. Now I must admit, the service NEVER worked for me - not even once - apparently it could not get through Blogger's spam protection features. I read somewhere you could request on override - but who wants to weaken your spam protection.

As of November 1, 2006, Audioblogger will no longer accept phone calls. MP3s
made with the service will continue to be hosted and served but you will no
longer be able to use Audioblogger to post new audio.

The Odeo people did offer several other audio blogging services:

Gabcast -
Hipcast -
Gcast -

I'm quite curious to try them out. I pray they do not have the ridiculous conflicts audioblogger had with blogger's security.

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