Thursday, September 07, 2006

a sick child makes the world stop

It's amazing what happens when one of your children falls ill.
Everything else stops.
Nothing is more important.
Hours after hours in the doctor's office.
Work, job search, daily duties all put on hold.

Our eldest caught a minor illness, hand, foot and mouth disease. Very contagious, but not serious. Of more concern was the blood we noticed in his diarhea - something not commonly associated with the disease.

Several doctors visits over the last two days and a cessation of blood in the stool have eased our concern and anxiety. I think scheduling a colonoscopy for a very little boy was particularly unnerving. At this point he seems better and with doctor's advice we will cancel it.

Although you cannot hear it, I'm sure you can imagine the sighs of emotional exhaustion.

Now to catch up. Even though our world stopped, the rest of it kept moving.

Have a wonderful day,

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BAD said...

Sorry to hear your eldest is sick. I sure hope he feels better soon.

You are right - everything takes a back seat when our children are sick. They are priceless.