Wednesday, August 09, 2006

upgrading to quicken 2007 home & business

I decided to upgrade to Quicken 2007 yesterday, but to be honest, I'm really not sure why - other than perhaps having ongoing subscription coverage to stock quotes. As it is I've been quite unhappy with how Quicken tracks investments - the placeholder transactions have been bedevilling and constantly mess-up profitability calculations.

My biggest hope is that Home and Business will improve the sorry quality of payment and invoice management.

Intuit quotes the following new features:

  1. 123 customer suggested improvements - how big or minor they don't say
  2. What's in / What's out / What's left home page - this sounds very nice; i.e. what do i have left over at the end of the month

Everything else is an alledged improvement. I'll have to load the software to test it out. Here are what they tout:

  1. Improved automatic expense categorization - I'll see it when I believe it. The only thing the current version (2006) gets right is interest deposits.
  2. Download bank information - I don't know what they really need to improve here - add more banks? One of my banks can't match transactions for beans - maybe they fixed that?
  3. Pay bills on line - I'm curious about what was improved here.
  4. Forecast Cashflow - that will be very interesting
  5. Store statements - I'm worried about file bloat. I use Nuance's Paperport 11 to scan documents as pdf files. I highly recommend it.

I guess the next step is for me to examine the software and post my impressions.

It seems that Intuit spends more time removing helpful products they added to the software over the past years (or bundled with it) and charging you for them if you like it. The product itself seems to become more simple over time.

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2million said...

ive been considering moving to quicken 2007 whne the price is right - looking forward to hearing how it works out.