Monday, August 21, 2006

Quicken 2007 download failure / memory errors

My 1.5GB RAM PC Running windows XP is encountering frequent memory errors when I download using Quicken 2007.

It usually happens when I have another program, such as MS Outlook running, however 1.5GB is ALOT of memory.

I fear something is wrong with Intuit's code base.

Has anyone else experienced it?

The error encourages me to close down other programs.



Anonymous said...

I get the same error from time to time, and my system has 4gb of ram. I usually just close Quicken, reopen it, and try again, then it works fine. It has me considering returning it for their 60 day refund. In the trial of Money 2007, their Spending and Savings Budget method looks pretty interesting... so may convince me to come back.

jay said...

You didn't say what kind of memory error. Crashing? Running out of RAM (if so that's one serious memory leak). If it's sporadic crashing scan for spyware and run a memory test. I use memtest86.

makingourway said...

I'm pretty certain it's an application specific memory error - based on past experience it looks like a large code module relative to the download process was rushed to market before it could be checked for memory management efficiency.
I haven't tried to diagnose it more thoroughly, but I would like to track memory utilization while the program runs.
The memory issue only occurs when downloading. I assume it has something related to data transfer buffers / opening and closing ports, etc....
As my other application - MS Outlook didn't have any problems, I think the issue is very specific to Quicken 2007 - something related to download delays - which makes me more confident about a buffering issue. They have a leak somewhere near that function.

Ken, when I quite all my applications and reboot everything runs well. The lesson learned is to run Q2007 update while little else is running or accessing the web.

I should notify Intuit about this. I'm uncomfortable about te iea of paying $20 to notify them.