Monday, August 14, 2006

How would you buy something using Craig's list?

I have a question for the PF Financial community?

If you found something you would like to buy on Craigs List, how would you:

a. inspect the item?
b. obtain the item (mail, pick-up)?
c. go about paying for it?

Thanks for the comments.

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2million said...

I have used craigslist for several thing, but mostly real estate and tickets. Ive had friends sell gym equipment on there as well. You have to think of craigslist just like you would a classified ad except it might have more info on it.

If I was looking for say a bicycle, I would find something I might be interested in and then email the person ask them some additional questions and if I was still interested I would ask if I could arrange to come by and take a look at the item. If I like it I would try and haggle a little and then probably pay cash for it unless the seller would take a check.

Anonymous said...

I would only go and look at something if you have a high probability to buy it or if it is expensive. Wasting time (and to a lesser degree gas money) running around looking at this is a huge drag.

Ask for more pictures or descriptions via email, most people are willing to send that to you.

Good luck!