Monday, August 14, 2006

Craig's List Update

I posted a few ads on Craig's List:

1. To sell a car.
2. To buy good condition used comics (for my collection)
3. To buy some old military colletibles (it seems to be a family fetish)

I also responded to a few advertisements offering:

a. DVDs
b. comics for sale
c. business text books for sale

I posted the ads and inquiries around 4 am.

So far, today, I've heard from:

1. A fellow selling comic books. He has a large collection 90% NM (near mint). He was selling them quite cheaply at a flee market. I'm going to visit his home and check out what he has - he works for the military so hopefully should be safe to visit him (e-mail records and telephone records, et. al.). He was offering 3 for a $1 at the flea market, but said that was a one time price. I asked him to let me know what he would charge me for 400 comic books. We'll see about this one. It could be cheaper than buying them from or I'd like to build up a collection for my son to enjoy when he's older. I'll have to see what my daughter would like to collect in another two years (not sure where her tastes will go). I'm thinking antique doll house furniture, but you never know.

2. A lady selling some 1970s comics. I've asked her what she wants for them and the condtion.

3. A third person was selling about 300 - 450 comics - wants $200 for the collection. I have no idea what he's selling. Asked him what's there and condition. I might buy them if I can see them, like the quality and what he has.

So far that's my experience.

I am going to take pictures of the car for sale and put them up. I did find an interesting photo hosting site called

What photo hosting sites do you recommend?

Have a wonderful day,

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makingourway said...

I've talked with the comic book seller. I'm going to meet him tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday).
He's agreed to let me purchase his non-A list comics (I have no idea which they are) at the price of 3 for a $1 - great deal.
I assume the a-list comics are $1 each.
Still better than shopping on-line retailers.
I talked with another person who is moving. He has one long box and one short box - figure 300 comis he's willing to sell for $200. Unfortunately, there really not comics I follow - superman stuff. I am wondering if they are worth buying for my son in the future - all kids love superman! Still it's not worth spending $200 today on things I'm not into. Somehow I doubt he would consider $50. He did invite me to look them over. I'll have to see how this one plays out - especially after tomorrow's visit.
I have a feeling I'll spend a few hours diving through comic boxes.
Have a wonderful day,