Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Networth Update as of June 30, 2006 ($28.79) new networth $543,345.22

Well, June wasn't as bad a month as I predicted.
Our networth declined only $28.79, this is in light of the following:

$989 in carpentry fees (30% over budget built in bookcases, laundry room tables & shelves, other imprv)
$650 gift to a sick relative
$643 in accounting fees
$3000 for a family vacation (spent $1000 less than planned)
$300 in last minute home decorating costs (1/2 of planned amount)

Auto $600 and landscaping expenses $450 were deferred until July.

We really didn't save as much money as I would have liked, but with the deluge of unusual expenses, it had to be expected.

Here is our asset allocation:

Thoughts for July:

  1. The family medical issue may not lead to a temporary disability situation. More still to come on this, but if we're lucky our immediate income will not be reduced. I still expect $15k - $20k reduction in neet income due to time off if all goes perfectly. Plus an additional $3-5k in related expenses. These extra expenses will hit in November - Happy Thanksgving!
  2. I visited family out of town (sick family member). All is going well with the family member, but I probably spent about $950 on the trip - again an unexpected expense.
  3. To help a relative attend a special education program, we paid $850 for their airfare as a gift. Once again, unplanned. I may be able to reduce other expenditures to offset some of it.
  4. We have deferred most of our income into 401ks in July. By end of month we will have hit our $15k contributed. We will make an additional contribution in Q3 or Q4 depending upon issues in #1. We will definately make a contribution before end of year.
  5. I will be changing jobs. I'm not sure how long it will take, but I expect it will have a substantial impact on family earnings. It will at least absorb the expenses in #1.
  6. half.com seems to be a very successful venue for selling DVDs. I have put several books online as well (professional books that I would like to sell while they are still current). I expect to have $160 - $350 in income this month from sales.
  7. County property taxes for our cars came to $900 this month. This will re-occur in another 6 months.

I'll put together another post discussing the status of our goals later this week.

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